Hyper Compound

Hyper Polish

An aggressive compound designed to remove deep scratches in seconds!

Optimum Hyper™Compound is the first and only spray compound (patent pending) in the marketplace. It is designed to remove 1,500 grit and finer scratches in one or two passes while creating a great finish in seconds.

Optimum Hyper™ Compound was designed for professional detailers and auto body shops to cut through wet sanding marks and deep scratches in one or two passes. Optimum Hyper Compound offers all the advantages of Optimum line of polishes with long working time and zero dusting.

The spray on application provides ease of use and reduces the amount of product needed to a fraction of the traditional products. 2-3 sprays is enough to cover the entire pad making the whole pad do the cutting and eliminating dry buffing.

The minor swirls left after using Optimum Hyper™ Compound can easily be removed with theOptimum™ Hyper Polish. Optimum Hyper™ Compound has a long working time to allow complete paint correction with one application. The reside is easily wiped off with a dry or damp microfiber towel.Optimum Hyper™ Compound contains no silicone oils or wax, so it is completely body shop safe.

Optimum Hyper™ Compound can be used at any speed on your polisher and with a wool or foam pad. When using a wool buffing pad, the compound will remove 1000 sand scratches and lighter at 1000-1400 RPM. Faster buffing speed is not needed with this product. When using a medium or heavy cut foam pad, the compound will remove 1500 sand scratches and lighter at 1000-1400 RPM. The compound works more or less aggressively depending on the pad you choose. Follow up with Optimum Hyper Polish to refine the paint surface before applying Optimum Car Wax. All Optimum products meet VOC regulations.


To remove 1,500 grit or finer sanding marks spray Optimum Hyper™ Compound on the Optimum 100% Synthetic 4 Ply Twisted Wool Pad using a rotary buffer at 1200-1400 RPM. To remove lighter scratches and swirl marks, spray Optimum Hyper™ Compound on an orange foam pad using a rotary buffer at speeds of 1,200 - 1,400 rpm or an orbital polisher at the speed 5.

  1. Shake Well.
  2. Use 2-3 sprays initially to prime the pad. After the initial priming, use one to two sprays per panel. There is no need to apply additional product since Optimum Hyper Compound has a long working time and will continue on working to remove the scratches.
  3. Use light to medium pressure on the buffer until desired results are achieved.
  4. Wipe off residue with a dampened microfiber towel.